India's First Solar PV Trainers

We offer professional solar training with a real time practice laboratory and hands on training on solar PV technologies. We have experienced instructors trained in the US and Germany in guiding you all the way. .

Solar Training

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Our professional solar pv training is tailored for your needs, may it be for solar technicians, solar engineers, senior solar plant architects, solar sales or C level business managers. Our training course covers Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM) and respective state energy policies.

Our solar training programs will equip you with the functional and technical expertise you need to successfully implement solar projects with absolute finesse. Our solar courses target students, technicians, entrepreneurs all over India. Our course, curriculum was rated and revised by the superiors in the industry and is now acclaimed as the top training provider in the country.

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Solar Power Plants

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Solar Naukri

For Solar Jobs in India
Solar job market is booming in India.Please visit our websiste
Hundreds of job openings in solar energy area, with the heavy solar investments flowing into India from past few years, India now needs more technically qualified and trained people to work on solar energy. Be part of solar revolution


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